Cabo San Luxurious


Lately life has been crazier than my curly hair on a mid-summer's afternoon in the humid swamp of my current residence, Washington, District of Complicated.

But as I sit, tucked in a tiny cafe I've discovered near my apartment, listening to their Parisian tunes, drinking an espresso and pretending I'm working on an extremely important deadline-ridden document, I can't decide what's the next trip to write about. I'm still about a year behind, however, at least I've caught up to AFTER the epic post-graduation trip! AM I RIGHT!?

I could talk about Vegas but that's not PG.

I could talk about moving to DC but that's just boring...

as someone definitely working on their own blog sits at the table next to me. Fashionista. Or, dare i say, Maxxinista?!

Sometimes (all the time) I walk into a Starbucks or a random coffee shop, and every person my age is in their with their laptops. And then I go again four hours later when I feel like I'm about to jump out the office window, and MORE people are on their computers. WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE DO HOW DO THEY MAKE MONEY IS ENTITLED HIPSTER WITH MACBOOK A NEW CAREER POSITION!??? Because I want in. I have a macbook. And like Fair Trade Coffee. And would ride a sweet bike if I had one.

I digress. I'll talk about Cabo!

My friends and I are big on certain days of the year. The days in which we all graced this planet with our lovely selves. Yes, our birthdays. I’ve always been one to celebrate birthdays and I hope to maintain this tradition even when I’m old and wrinkly. So since we went to Vegas for Sameea’s day of birth, and since Kaimana and I share the same birthday, we had to outdo her. Just kidding, but we did have to double the fun.

The obvious choice Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! I say obvious because one morning i opened my email to a beautiful, luxurious, peaceful picture of a cabana in Mexico. It was a Groupon whispering, "destiny awaits". So I snagged that badboy (the email) and forwarded it to my main biddies. And then together, we snagged that badboy (the deal).

Groupon should pay us for our pics

Groupon should pay us for our pics

I should preface this story with how Blacksburg, home of the Hokies, contains one of my favorite local spots- then, now and forever. I'm referring, of course, to Cabo Fish Taco. So it would make sense then, that once I've graduated and entered the "Real" world to go to the  "Real" Cabo and eat "Real" Cabo fish tacos.

You catch my drift? Pickin' up my lines? Fishin for what I'm "Realin" in?

Taco bout delicious

Taco bout delicious

For five luxuuuurious nights at the Finisterra Los Cabos Resort, we each spent less than half a month's rent. Our room not only came with 2 huge beds, a pullout couch and a balcony overlooking the pool, but it came with room service. 24 hour all you can eat whatever your heart desires Mexican fare for FREE.99. EVERYTHING TASTED SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE IT WAS SOOOO FREEEEEEEE

If you’re asking if I had a great 23rd birthday I would reply

CLARO QUE SI I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was lounging by the pool with FREE margaritas and FREE guacamole basking in the FREE sun

Alright it wasn’t all technically free, but it felt like it and that’s what really matters. I was a FREE bird with my FREE spirited friends!!! LIKE, YA!

The staff at our resort were the best. Not only friendly, they were constantly going above and beyond what any of us expected (which I can’t help but admit was also lowered because it was, after all, found off a Groupon). On our actual birthdate, Kaimana, Sameea, Jeanette and I (we are an ethnically diverse bunch) went to one of the fancier restaurants on the resort. When the waiter found out it was both of our birthdays, he came back with cake and a platter of liquor bottles, indicating we could pick one as our very own gift. Granted, we already had drinks all-inclusive but the gesture was heartwarming, and it didn’t hurt to have extra party favors to take to the beach.

Having been to Cancun before, I already had certain expectations of the downtown clubs. But my friends had no idea. Upon arrival, just downtown mind you- not at a specific bar- we were bombarded with club promoters. All you can drink here for free, VIP tables over there for free, the luxury of free at our every whim based on just being a group of gals. I didn’t hate it.


The next morning Jeanette (aka Nutter) and I woke up and went running along the beach. I cant remember if this was at the same time Kaimana and Sameea went to the spa but I wouldn't doubt it. Nutter and I aren't self-deprecating, we just had a half-marathon coming up. Winners don't quit. We can rest when we die. Just do it. and other inspiring quotes to not sound like such a dweeb exercising on vacation. Nutter and I suffered mild to severe heat strokes (depends which one of us you ask), collapsing in the sand under the 100 degree heat while Kai and Shmee basked comfortably in a sauna of similar heat. 


Later that day, we all checked an item off our Bucket Lists. At Cabo Adventures, all four of us swam with Phinny the dolphin (just made her name up- it's been awhile). It was entertaining, intriguing, and at times, hilariously awkward. For example, when my time came to ride Phinny- the moment we've all been waiting for- my swimsuit bottoms woosh off of me almost immediately. So while you're supposed to grab both hands on her fin and elegantly glide along, I was choking on water laughing as I held on tight with one hand and tried to rearrange my bikini with the other. Typical. 

Days later we walk towards the marina in town. In Cabo, most of the touristy restaurants are set along the marina's dock. Half exploring, half nosying-around to find a cheap boat tour, we stumble upon Juan. Juan Pablo from the Bachelor! Just kidding. Juan was a boat driver who spoke English, seemed normal, and promised a cheap boat tour with a glass-bottom boat. CHACHING JACKPOT. We paid $10 to get a tour around the rocks you see in every picture of Cabo San Lucas, got close enough to the colony of sea lions to know they smell like mildow-y cat pee, and even got dropped off Lover's Beach at Land's End. Lover's Beach is calm and inviting, across from Divorce Beach- the one with nasty and precarious waves, naturally.

Another day we asked a water taxi to drop us off at Mango Deck, a bar along the beach known for it's ridiculous spring break parties, and for those not fortunate enough to be there for spring break, ridiculous parties. They were famous for their 2 for 1 all day happy hour and impromptu contests. Us mature 23 year old ladies arrived just as a men's push-up contest was beginning. There was also a booty shaking contest that made me question the morals of everyone in the world. 

Leaving Cabo, and all of our lovely hotel staff, couldn't be done without ordering one more round of 4am guacamole. I remember us all trying hard to stay awake all night so that tomorrow wouldn't really ever come. But being 23 and losing our youthful traits, we all passed out. I have zero complaints about Sandos Finisterra (rare) and I'm delighted to say I had an awesome 23rd birthday with my chicas. 

Until next time, stay interesting Mexico!