Winter is Coming...Send a Raven

Luckily enough for us, the Coastal Starlight did not end up being our last train.

Our next stop was Seattle, and within the city our first stop would be Pike Market. It was a beeeeautiful day in Seattle- nothing like the rainy days it’s known for.

We walked around the market, drooled on the glass separating us from the vat of ooey gooey cheese being stirred at Beecher’s, proceeded to order mac n cheese from the ooey gooey vat, looked at paintings by local artists we were dying to purchase, had Piroshkys (Piroshkies?) at the infamous self-titled bakery, and sat on a bench along the water, reflecting on what beautiful weather we were having (insert joke about being an old married couple).

This would be our second stay at a US hostel. And we loved it! City Hostel Seattle was cozy, tucked in a cute neighborhood called Belltown. After we checked in we went exploring, as we almost always do. The funny part about this exploration, however, happened as we walked by a bar. I happened to look up at the exact moment we passed the open window, only to spot a herd of Hokies. Yes we do not flock, we are not gaggles, we are herds. At least that’s what I’m using as of now.

You “herd” it here first. Ba dum tisssssss

Anyway, we ended up running in to some old friends from school who were in Seattle for the summer, interning at Boeing. We had a few beers at the bar and then decided to meet up a bit later, at a magical place that changed my life forever. My first dueling piano bar- Howl at the Moon. I.LOVED.EVERY.MOMENT.

For those who don’t already know, I am the reincarnated Selena. Except that in no way shape or form can I actually sing. And I don’t have a big ol’ booty. But I wish. For both.

Anyway my point is EVERYONE can sing at a piano bar. Even us terrible, glass-shattering folk. The music is loud enough and the songs are hilarious enough (at one point Ludacris’ Fantasy was requested. And played). So tone-deaf Sameea and I had a GRAND (piano) time.

The next day we went to the Space Needle, because who doesn’t want to see the introduction of Grey’s Anatomy in real life. I won’t lie, I even looked for McSteamy. Got a McDouble instead.

Literally I just need a drummer next to me to cue the BaDumTiss-es.

Ok ok I can’t wait any longer I have to tell this story-

So whether or not you’re superstitious, if you've ever seen A movie you know that crows are creepy, mysterious little buggers. Basically black crows are a sign of impending doom. AM I RIGHT?! Just wait.

One day after exploring the area around our hostel, Sameea and I decided we wanted to try sushi. We were in Seattle, fresh seafood all around, the sushi has to be phenomenal. We find a cute little place down the street and sit outside at a tall barstool-type table. Our waiter was hot. He was urban punk-y hot like the grunge we experienced in Portland but more high society- sexy punk rock meets sophisticated sushi (he was tatted, obv). His name was probably something like Benjamin but went by Benji, not Ben. So Benji (lol) starts serving our edamame, and seeing as we’re technically on vacation, we order Saki. This is when things got weird.

Suddenly this GIANT black crow who was perched on a tree branch hanging above our heads, starts freaking out. No seriously, freaking the F out- cawing like the world was about to end at any second. People in tables around us can’t even talk because it’s so loud you have to yell to be heard above the shrill. Sameea and I cannot stop laughing.

“WHAT is wrong with this bird?”

“I don’t know but what if he starts pecking at my head because he thinks my curly hair is worms?!”

“I think I would pee myself laughing”

“You’re such a good friend, Sameea”

The manager of the sushi restaurant comes out, probably to just ask us how the food was, but instead notices this bird. THEN- the angry crow swoops down and starts ATTACKING the lady at the table next to us. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE THIS IS HAPPENING IN FRONT OF US. The woman is screaming and doesn’t know what to do to get the crazy thing off her so she starts swatting her plastic menu. The manager runs over to help and the bird stops attacking to casually PERCH upon the manager’s arm. If I were a comic strip there would be a HUGE word bubble above my head reading “WTF!?” I ask if it’s his bird (because how else does one explain that?) and he responds that no, it is not, but now he’s freaking out because it has LATCHED onto HIM. By the way, at no point has this bird done anything to try and steal food or something that, I don’t know, NORMAL birds do!? So here we are trying to recuperate from our BIZARRE train ride on the west coast, when a Game of Thrones raven is delivering us a message. Winter was coming…aka maybe it was warning us from entering Cube Nation (real jobs).

When the crow finally ditched, probably to go warn other post-grads not to sell their souls to The Man, Benji reemerged. Which is when I decided he wasn’t hot anymore. I mean, we were real life damsels in distress and homeboy was probably watching from inside the comfort of an ENCLOSED SPACE. SMH. Men these days.

Don’t worry, we left the sushi restaurant unscathed, but in dire need of a stronger drink. So we stopped by a highly rated Yelp spot, known for its Old Fashioneds. The Whiskey Bar in Belltown was trendy without trying too hard, an unhipster hipster spot. These instantly became my new favorite drink. Since Seattle, I’ve dabbled in Old Fashioneds, but only when I feel fancy (aka every pay day).

Sometimes you just gotta treat yo’ self!

While in the city we reunited with our Hokie friends again at their apartment conveniently found on Craig’sList (apparently everyone in the world can do this except me. When I do it, we get a notice of eviction from the town. Although that is another story for another time). We drank PBR tallboys on their rooftop terrace, all the while taking in the spaceneedle a mile away, the tangerine sunset, and once again, the incredible weather.

The next afternoon, Sean, Peter, Sameea and I went out to a Yankee game on yet another cloudless, sunny day. Considering we scalped tickets 15 minutes before the game, we had awesome seats! Seated high above everyone, VIP as I like to call it, Nosebleeds as others deem it, we could see everything and had a close reach to the beer. In other words, we were all happy. Anytime I watch my Yanks I fall back into nostalgia to the times my pops and I would go- back when I had buck teeth and all.

As we left the game, and you can guess who won (MY BOYS IN BLUE), we couldn’t help but notice the million food trucks parked outside. We ate at The People’s Burger- meaning we stuffed our faces into the huge buckets of fries. Then, in our normal routine, Sameea and I went back to the hostel, changed, put our faces on, and went out for dinner part deux.

If my memory serves me correctly, we Yelped a place nearby with great reviews. Local360 was exactly what you’d think it was- delicious, locally prepared food served seasonally. And by hipsters. Dressed in crisp gingham plaid shirts with natural, hemp-looking aprons draped around their waists, they served us overly priced (probably organic) red wine with our dinner. Unfortunately i can't remember what we ate anymore (and it was dimly lit by candles, as most hipster places are, so I didn't take any food pics from my cam). 

All in all Seattle exceeded my expectations completely, and I would more than love to go back. The free spirits and delightfully fresh food made me wonder if I could maybe even get used to the constant drizzle of rain. And it's crazy crows.