The Arising of Life

Even though I wasssss sitting on this hill at one point, i didn't take this photo. 

Even though I wasssss sitting on this hill at one point, i didn't take this photo. 

People of tomorrow world

You are invited to experience

The arising

Of life

A new chapter begins

To start the essence of togetherness



Children of the past

Gather together

With the father of the present,

The grandmother of two days ago,

and the aunt of Christmas past.


Bahaha only slightly kidding

I didn't take this photo either. But I agree, it'd be cool if I did.

I didn't take this photo either. But I agree, it'd be cool if I did.

Yesterday is history

Today is a gift

Tomorrow is a mystery

 ^ The real TomorrowWorld motto.

That’s actually how the start of this epic adventure began. As we gathered practically a year’s worth of supplies from the trunk of the car, we began the mile long trek to….Dreamville, the land at the end of the rainbow. But really, there was a huge fake rainbow we walked under.

 Dreamville was like college dorms except replace dorm rooms with tents, and communal showers with portopotties, and dining halls with a big magical marketplace. Cash wasn’t allowed in Dreamville, only your wristband with previously uploaded with money that you forgot about, meaning it all seemed free. So yes, it was a dream. 

Assemble the Biddies

Meet Maggie, Sameea, randomspanishchick, Kelley, Jeanne (middle name Pika), Arlene, Kaimana, and Jess (Mary Jo not pictured).

Arlene and Kelley had gotten off work early that day in order to set up camp- literally. They had struggled a bit with the actual tent and whilst riding the strugglebus, ended up meeting the angels.

Meet Jake, Andrew, Ian, Colin, Louis, Cory, and Aaron. Ohio boys whose mamas raised them right. They were gentlemen and scholars, legends and heroes. They not only helped Arlene and Kelley set up the tent (something all 9 of us girls would’ve never been able to assemble ourselves), but they also shared their sublime tent location right next to the boardwalk. Aka PRIME people watching, or in this case, creatures-of-the-night watching.

Setting up for a night of boardwalk creature entertainment

Setting up for a night of boardwalk creature entertainment

 When I recollect our first encounter with the boys, I can only think of the scene from Stepbrothers.

On the count of three, name your favorite dinosaur. Don't even think about it- just name it. Ready? One, two, three






Because that’s what happened.

Tomorrowworld is a magical community of peace, love and happiness. Or if you’re a frequent raver, the world consists of PLUR- Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

People give these types of music festivals a bad rap, but I saw firsthand, as a young professional living and working in the “real world” that it’s not just about deep house music, mind-altering concoctions and hippie dancing. It’s about having a time and a place to do whatever and be whoever you feel like at that moment.

Wanna wear a Pikachu outfit all day? Do it- everyone will love you.

Wanna wear just a bathing suit in the middle of a random field in Chatahoochie Hills? Go for it, it's a valley in the middle of GA in September. IT'S HOT.

Wanna not shower for 3 days straight? I don’t recommend it but it was definitely done by some.

Wanna start conversation over a sign that reads “F—K Real Life”? For time spent longer than your average weekend, it's the exact opposite of the real world. So why not? (It's also a clothing brand).

Wanna sit on someone’s shoulders and suddenly make eye contact with Diplo? Yes I did. Love at first sight I believe they call it.

In the end, Tomorrowworld was a onetime event for me- a life experience that I am absolutely gratified I could take part in, but also one I will probably never repeat. I danced until my legs became spaghetti. I was like Alex in Flashdance (not a coincidence). My body couldn’t keep up with how much my heart wanted to just dance.

Aside from the fact that I simply cannot hang like I used to, staying up till 3am took a toll on me. I am old and weary now, and need my vitamins sorted out in a daily container.

However, if you were to mention Tomorrowland in Belgium, that’s a different story.

I would, and just might, go to that.

I’m not completely decrepit…yet. 


And so I stand among you as one that offers a small message of hope, that first, there are always people who dare to seek on the margin of society, who are not dependent on social acceptance, not dependent on social routine, and prefer a kind of free-floating existence.
— Thomas Merton