Manifest Destiny

A little over a month ago, I landed back in America. My Working Holiday Visa had expired in Australia, and Immigration Officers quickly deported me. Just kidding, I left a day before it expired so nobody got hurt. (I even asked the officers at the airport if they would stamp my passport since they normally don't for electronic visas. The guy goes, "No I can't. But YOU can!" And hands me the stamp. Reason #349018 why I LOVE Australia). 

I flew in to LAX, and not having an immediate job set up, I decided to stay awhile! I met up with Ray and we ventured into the unknown waters of Venice Beach. Meaning, we rode hipster bikes and ate at delis filled with pretentious yuppies. At the first lunch spot, we overheard the guy in front of us asking if the salmon was wild, where it was caught, did it have other salmon friends, and did it have nuts in it. 

Pretentious sandwiches : Pretentwiches

Pretentious sandwiches : Pretentwiches

At the second Venice spot, I almost lost my cool when Giada DeLaurentis (newly single) walked in. In Australia, no one takes pictures with celebrities. That would be uncool. So, fresh off the Australian scene, I didn't take any pictures with her (despite my internal FOMO). 

From Venice, Ray and I began our camping trip into the desert. We were heading to Joshua Tree National Park to explore and camp out for a night. Unprofessional campers that we are, we didn't reserve a spot at the campsite and we're almost SOL when UUUUUNIIIII (the universe) swooped in and pointed us to an expired spot. Meaning, it was time to google how to set up a tent. Meaning, it was time to break out the wine.

We were lucky enough to witness one of the famous desert pink skies that night. But we were unlucky enough to have super annoying, inconsiderate societal rejects on their Spring Break being loud right next to our tent. So we popped some mellys (Melatonin) and tried to knock off. But instead I had to pull a mother-like SHHHHHHH and was laughed at .... I'm getting so old. The fact that if you interrupt my much needed beauty rest I call you a societal reject should say enough...

After epically camping and living the true nomad way, meaning dirtily, we decided the next stop would be a bit more glamorous. Because you always gotta treat yo self! We booked an AirBnb in Palm Springs and called it a day. We were staying with two lovely ladies who naturally informed us that in Palm Springs, "you're either grey, or you're gay". Being super non-mainstream as Ray and I are, we happily announced that we are neither.


Post-Palm Springs adventures, we drove down to see my long lost travel gnomes, Taylor and Liz, in San Diego. I hadn't seen either of them since we parted ways in Indonesia literally a year earlier. To say I was excited IS A MERE UNDERSTATEMENT. They were still living the dream in the mansion Taylor's family inherited (no, I'm not making this up). Once we dropped our bags in our respective bedrooms, because why not, we headed out to drink cappuccinos the size of our heads, feast on brunch, and have a luxurious day of drinking that is only acceptable in places like San Diego.  

My entrance back into the States has been exciting enough to reduce my severe PADS (Post Alcohol Depression Syndrome, or newly, Post Australia Depression Syndrome), and I'm excited to announce I'll be reducing them (or just distracting myself from them) even further by traveling across country next week. Leaving from San Diego, I plan to drive all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, and stop for some eats along the way (obv). 

Back with the updates post-trip!