Travel Insight

Planning a trip? Been meaning to research a destination for sometime now? I'd be happy to help!

- Customized itineraries

- Recommendations on methods of travel, visa information, and all the nitty gritty details we tend to forget about until last minute

- "Ambiance-finder": ever notice how certain bars and restaurants just have that buzz? It's not just the food or drinks, it's the atmosphere from the people within it to the decor on the walls. 


Give me a date, a length of travel, a general preference on location and I will send through a customized itinerary by the end of the week!


A trip we will never forget

The first overseas trip with a significant other is a BIG deal, so planning is extremely important. The best decision we made on our trip to Ireland was our first decision - consulting Alexandra for recommendations, activities, and a cost effective itinerary that allowed us to get the most out of the trip. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for travel led to a trip we will never forget. We will never go on a trip without working with her again, thank you Alexandra!" 

— C.C.

“First-hand knowledge”

To find someone who can translate their own passion for travel into an ability to create amazing global experiences for others is a rare find. Alex is able to use her first-hand knowledge, research skills and travel industry contacts to create customized itineraries that allow people to see destinations from a truly unique perspective.

-- Kathy Gambell, General Manager
Encore Journeys

Alex worked as a Travel and Events Coordinator at Encore Journeys from June 2015 until March 2016



A Few Favorites

           Get $40 in Travel credit!

           Get $40 in Travel credit!

Earn 50,000 bonus points = to $500+ Towards flights and hotels

Earn 50,000 bonus points = to $500+ Towards flights and hotels

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