Customized Itineraries

Basic: A "rough draft" version of an itinerary catered to your interests and a general location preference"

  • "I've always wanted to go on a trip to Ireland. I believe a week in August would be best, but I have no idea where to start! I love being outdoors, I have a slim budget and I prefer to stay in a local's home than a hotel."

Detailed: A full itinerary complete with lunch and dinner recommendations (reservations can be included), travel options (and estimated pricing at time of research), accommodation suggestions, and general tips for an ideal holiday at the location (or multiple locations) of your choice.

  • "I'd love to go on a trip to Spain in April. I'd like to spend 10-12 days overall, and travel to at least Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona. I would be traveling with 2 other guests, and we prefer to immerse ourselves in the culture of the cities we visit (willing to try local cuisine, prefer to walk than take public transit, would like to visit a few museums and, if possible, are interested to see pricing on tickets to local sports games at the time of travel). We require separate rooms for our accommodation and would like to see multiple options for traveling between cities."
The best decision we made on our trip to Ireland was our first decision - consulting Alexandra for recommendations, activities, and a cost effective itinerary that allowed us to get the most out of the trip. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for travel led to a trip we will never forget.
— C.C.

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